Since I make a number of posts on Facebook but not everyone has an account, here’s where I’ll repost those updates for everyone to see. If you have trouble viewing them, let me know:

Live Update from Oct 28th, 2017:

Video Summary:

  • I’ve created an LLC for Pro Bene Publishing
  • I’ve selected a printing company
  • We’ve made some decisions about the paper, printing, and cover that will all help make this book feel instantly classic and (to me) particularly special
  • I’ve bought the ISBN number and UPC code
  • In the video, I made the first test stamp of Benny’s pawprint and it came out beautifully!

Next Steps:

  • Place the order for the books
  • Approve the test copy
  • Place the order for tee shirts, posters, and art prints
  • Receive the shipment
  • Pack and send!


I’ve hesitated to lay out a timeline since everything has taken longer than I predicted, but here’s what I can say: It will take 10-12 weeks for the books to arrive at my door from when I approve the test copy. That means good news and bad news. The bad is, of course, they won’t be ready before the 2017 holiday season. The good news: Benny’s book will come back to me right around his birthday, and almost two years exactly after his “weird day,” at which point I’ll call up all the volunteers and make the packing party happen as quickly as possible to get everything sent to you!